Personalized Treatment for Individual Afflictions - Meditation not Medication

Bali Holistic Recovery is a private holistic addiction treatment program in central Bali that offers comprehensive treatment for all addictions, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, depression, anxiety and grief. We address the root cause of our client's addiction by developing 'one on one' treatment programs specific to each client's needs. BATH offers Private Client Addiction Treatment in a holistic setting providing "recovery without walls". Our program offers accommodation choices to fit all of our clients budgets.

We address the root cause of our client’s addiction by developing ‘one on one’ treatment programs specific to each client’s needs.

Our treatment program combines 12 Step foundations with an approach incorporating the best of Eastern and Western practices. At Bali Holistic Recovery we work with each client towards a common goal of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing - to have one without the other will not work. Bali Holistic Recovery offer treatment programs specifically designed for each client, after we assess their needs.

Our service is very private and highly confidential with several accommodation options depending on the needs of each client. Bali Holistic Recovery works at the root of addiction on three levels - body, mind and spirit. By addressing one area without the others the possibility of relapse is increased greatly.

By developing strategies, from within, to deal with daily situations that trigger addiction, our methods give our clients the ability to cope with daily life and make the changes needed to live a happy, Â healthy and fulfilling life, free from active addiction.

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Bali - The Pure Land
If India is the tree of spirituality, then Bali is the divine fruit. The gurus of India call Bali "The Pure Land". Bali is a Hindu island in the Indonesian archipelago of unsurpassed beauty and spiritual connection. Balinese Hindu religion is amongst the worlds most complex and transformational and Balinese Bhakti yoga ceremony is beautiful beyond language. Ubud is considered to be a cultural and spiritual heart of Bali, where many come to learn, grow and be transformed.

Bali Holistic Recovery offers a luxury tranquil escape from the rest of the world to allow time and space for healing, treatment and wellness.